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You know sometimes, when I make a video I’m like who do you think would watch this? I don’t know who would watch this video, but then again I don’t know would watch last week’s. Video I’ve made something really dark last week.

So let ‘ S have fun this week. Shall we this started, because I often just browse the app store like looking for things to have fun with on my phone, and sometimes they come across things that just look like ridiculous, and I just want to try them.

So I thought, for the sake of having fun together, that I would just download, as many like, cheesy and or bad looking apps as I could find and like play them and try them, and maybe you’ll, find something that you like.

This is not meant to be like a app bashing video like I respect, people that make apps pour their hearts and souls into these things. I’m, not trying to tear you down, but guess what this is life. Sometimes we rate things on a scale awesome too bad.

Let’s get funky. I lied, though, the first app that you did actually see, because I was annoying listen earlier, that’s, it that’s. The whole app this one is worth as much as you paid. We really party too many for this.

Imagine if you whip out a party touch. It, I think, is a good app just to have like if you’re at the bank or something and you’re in line it’s, getting real [ __ ] boring this have changed my life. It sets your volume to max amazing TV for W TV for W a pie rate four stars, because I’m turning down for what well done.

I would like it to play a little bit more of the song and I would also like a seizure warning, because I was not ready for that. I think it’s funnier. Now that the song is like 2 years old ya know it’s, inappropriate up for like 2016 person, this one is [ __ ].

This is horseshit. This is a dog dogs grades later just watch, but but bark. No! No! Yes! So it literally just has like preset things that it pretends is translating I think so, that’s, not a dog nor even fierce predators, neat! Ok! No! It reminds me of in the jerk when that dogs barking.

He’s like what is it boy? Is it a fire? He’s, I brought rhymes in a fire and then he makes everybody evacuate the better. I need to turn down for what app again. This is really pissing. You just record me: usually analyze me: the drug translator app just gets it as zero.

Like it, doesn’t work. It’s, a it’s, a ripoff. If I paid money for it, I’m angry about it. This next app, it is called soccer imagery. I believe it’s clearly made for an older phone. I think they like it well how? What gives that away it’ll.

Just give you these stock images. The Jesus documents know this like Ryan, Reynolds and Blake Lively, and then you choices. Are it overlays a soccer ball? Oh, my god. Wait. You lost it. It’s like doing everything.

What oh it’s, so good, are you ready? Does it have a front-facing camera feature? This might be too old for that what it? What is happening on the way? Take a pictures here, heavens, how do I take a picture? Okay, we can’t, take a picture who’s, that that’s, damia dad it’s day Mia day Mia.

Oh, like uh, some of these are not soccer nothing dude day, Mia loves soccer. Can you tell by this picture? This is incredible: oh my god Damien that’s, your new profile. Pic for sure this is the weirdest [ __ ] app like what vision did this guy have when he created this, this app sucks genius.

This episode, I think it’s, great aside from the fact that you can’t upload your own picture or take your fixture that you have about seven choices, but endless soccer choices. You can’t, really save it or do anything with it.

I’m gonna read it a ten out of ten. This is great app. I mean the vision. Is there this next one I saw and just couldn’t resist. I think it’s, just called Kobe wallpapers, wallpapers Kobe Bryant edition.

I mean image, fun, buggy, wait hold on look at the quality and the aspect ratio of this picture. Like this is clearly not stretched out, wait so hold on. So this is really just a library of coefficient is not no.

Google exists, like it. Doesn’t even make it your office like they took images and meagan app. This is another Waterman that’s; a different water marketed someone else’s. Water Mart why you think this is horrible poor you by.

I think this is great and I’m, pretty sure that this one cost 99 cents and it was worth it. Thank you because I couldn’t have gotten these pictures anywhere else. Um. I raise that a 10 out of 10, hey don’t all right zero.

This next app. I think that I found under the catalog section. Oh my god. What is it here is Mia’s, closet go to the pic of the day. Yes, oh wow. What is this? This is on some like real foot, fetish isn’t it.

This is not all the same person Mia has like five different skin tones. So far, Wow wedges, some stockings worn shoes for sale. Okay, come on ten dollars, please prosody shipping and handling mmm, not so much of a deal.

This is the weirdest [ __ ] hop. I’ve ever seen what is happening like that picture, shouldn’t have been allowed in the App Store link. I hate it. I need to know who Mia is like. I really need to know, even though none of these legs aren’t the same person I’m gonna rape me his closet, like a nine out of ten, I had it.

I had an enjoyable time breath browsing her closet. It was good what’s. The matter hate it. The next app is called dream horses. Yes, yes, whoa in-app purchases is [ __, ] heard. Oh my god, I just Oh.

What is with these abs of just pictures. Alicia can swipe in this button. What was that horse fall? It’s like Mia’s closet for horses. Why are there so many apps with just pictures? I would like. I had no idea.

That was the thing you won’t, go whoa! Look! It is fun tail. Am i right look at this one yeah. This one is called cowgirls like this feels this feels poorni. What the [ __ ] am I looking at. What is this picture? This one makes me feel you’re really there.

I just feel like I’m reaching out it’s like the turn down for what except Way awesomer all right. You know! No, I’m. Sorry, I’m, not accesing. Any more files! Dry right, dream! Horses, like a 8 out of 10 for sure I like those sound effects, was good the worst.

This next up is called tattoos for men so get out of here. Women it’s, not the worst, but it’s. Also, not not the worst. I mean there’s, something little problematic. The making your app called testers for men or men for men.

You can trade, it cuz it’s, not for you. I’ll write. It is not for women, one small tattoo for man, one giant leap backwards for mankind, trash trash, trash trash trash, Jaime you already restore. So why didn’t you just get a picture of a bird like you haven’t got to see her face.

Riddle me amor, Wilma God worth it. Oh my god! Oh my god! That’s! Nightmare fuel! I mean I read it like a legacy are out of ten. Does that [ __ ] sucks, this next type is called Santa call. Apparently Santa will call you Santa.

I know him. I declare him Rudy, they can hi it’s, Rudolph the reindeer. Oh Christmas, and I will be stopping by your house on Christmas Eve mmm, judging the guy in the booth recording this be [, __ ] good, dad I mean on you to this.

The graphics are good, looks like a good [ __ ]. Now Oh snapchat me that fart okay, this one’s, called fake up L. Take all your friends out. Make them think someone’s at the door. You can’t need to do once with a friends better go get the door ghost observer.

I guess we just hold it and then you get to see. Go whoa whoa come on whoa what the [ __ ]! No! This is fake. We want a ghost in here. This is like a hot spot. Apparently, oh it’s. Oh, it’s everywhere.

Thank you. I give it a full apparition out of ten. This said that there were marimba remixes of popular songs, all right. Let’s hear this is actually a funny idea so stupid that it’s, amazing right, absolutely just get it took Niram hold it just that! Oh it’s.

Your arm baby hit this oh [, __ ], look 76 for Santa! You’re pregnant glee. Wow! Look at you! You big new, daddy in the forearm 55. Oh it’s. Going down your chances are going down. You know those deep tissue massages that you go into like an hour and you walk out feeling like a just not born again.

This is basically nasally. This give it a stop it others it it &. # 39 s called sunglass couture, you got a photo. This is so that you, don’t have to like try on sunglasses. Should you put one on his head? Okay, hey crash David telogen.

I’m. No longer rating. Is that was really good. I liked it. This app cost me $ 2. It literally casts a spell right. Do it for you to stop spending money, you have to spend money in order to catch the spell do ya, just let that sink in charge up the magic.

In your spell by tapping on the shopping bags, rub the scroll coupon, what am I gonna? I will stop wasting my money. I will stop buying useless things, so you just paid $ 1 for that yeah I paid $ 2. For that I hope you so brilliant if there was like a nap purchase for another spell, but there is the look at tap here for more magic spells.

You have to watch a 5-second ad sweet, sound. Oh it’s sound. This is so stupid. Someone spent money to make this happen. Think of all the times. You just need a candle, but you don’t have one I can’t think of any of those times real dog stunts 3d.

Why is he so slow? We got ta have a career mo [, __, ]. Well, Matt. The physics are impeccable: let’s, go into the crowd and find some milfs milfs, so yeah. Those were some apps that I found in the after that we’re.

Just you know like need any shared whenever I find something really cool, I just tell Julian and he never appreciates it. So I hope you appreciate it. I still don’t. What was your favorite? You have a favorite, the ringtone one I like fell right on yeah.

I select the soccer one and the Kobe wallpapers ooh and the horses, the Kobe wallpapers, was pretty dope. Oh, like I wanted that app, so bad. When I was 12, I just didn’t know thanks for watching I’ll, see you guys next week make sure you subscribe to my channel.

I put out new videos every Wednesday / Thursday I’ll play something to play about. I’m done.

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