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com for slash jv again that’s. My forward slash jv. Now, in addition to all the cool things that’s already been mentioned right here, such as the ability to make money by giving away this awesome marketing tool for free, which means that you don’t even need to sell anything.

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The kicker, when you join me and sign up for my team, even for free, you will be my partner, which means that i will personally work with you to help. You promote your page to make sure that you maximize your commissions.

How does that sound all right? Very good all you need to do is to come here to this page at my forward, slash jv, again, forward, slash, jv and sign up for your free affiliate account if you haven’t already, which would also qualify you to receive this Free website funnel builder for free among other free bonuses, including special invitations to our online community groups and digital marketing training all for free.

So if you want to follow along this website, building journey with me, as i walk you through step by step, how to build your very own affiliate page, that makes you money, make sure that you come here to this page right now and sign up to be My partner, if you haven’t already, and i will see you over there at my desktop computer affiliate marketing – is the concept of making money online by promoting other people’s.

Products traditionally most affiliate products require you to sell products up front and customers will need to make a purchase within a limited amount of time. In order for you to qualify for commissions, the groove partner program is different because you can earn commissions even by giving away free products like groove, sell and groove pages lights, where commissions will be earned whenever they upgrade at any point in time.

To begin with, this example make sure that you have your groove funnels affiliate link, which you will be able to obtain within your groove partner program, page or directly at my internet builder, dot com forward, slash jv.

Now that you have your affiliate link, we will begin by creating a new groov pages site designed to promote that link. When you first log into group funnels, you will be greeted by this welcome screen in the menu on the left.

Click on the menu item – labeled groove pages – you will then be taken to your groove pages dashboard, where you will be able to see all the sites you have built if any create a new site by clicking on the pink button on the top right corner of The screen labeled new sites.

This will then open up a new screen where you will be prompted to choose whether you want to start from scratch with a blank page template or if you want to choose from the list of pre-designed templates right here that are already created, you can choose from Any of the templates that are available to you, you will see this select button.

Simply click on that. A new canvas page will then open up with your selected template and you will be able to start editing your new websites for many website designs, especially ones that include a main image on the front.

This main image on the website or landing page may very well, be the most eye-catching part of your entire site and is most likely one of the first things. If not the first thing that your visitors will see in the templates that we have chosen for our groove pages site, this is exactly the case.

Keep in mind that, while we give you examples of what you can do to change your site’s, content as well as how to change them. These are mere examples that you can model after for your own sites. Going back to this lesson on images feel free to use your own images, other ones that you might find online or even the original one.

If you want to keep it now. In this example, we are going to change this main image to do so. Click on the image and on the menu that pops up on the right side of the screen select configure. You will now have the option to change the existing image which you can do so by clicking on choose image.

This new window will pop up where you can choose to upload a new image, use any of the images that you may have already uploaded, which you would then be able to see on the screen or, if you want, you can also search for free stock photos.

Simply do a search right here for any potential relevant term and all the images that you see here would be completely free for you to use now for us, because we want to promote a specific product. This means that i will want to upload a new image, but before we can do that, we first need an image to upload in the first place.

For me, i am going to open up a new tab and for the sake of this example, i am going to look through all the different images that i see on this page and take any one of the images that i see on this website.

If i want to use this image, all i need to do is right click and save the image onto my computer, save it onto your desktop or anywhere. That would be easy for you to find later on. Click on save this image has now downloaded onto my desktop, go back to groov pages and on the same screen.

You will be able to add this image by clicking on upload image. Go to the folder. That has your image and, in my case it’s on my desktop, select it by double clicking on the image. It will then upload onto your sites.

This is a preview on how your image would look like to upload. It simply click on this upload icon. Your image will now be uploaded and you can choose this image by clicking on it. If it’s not chosen already, when selected, it will wrap the image with the pink border that you can see on the screen.

Right now on the right side of the page, you will see the menu here. You can make changes to the image dimensions if you want, or simply confirm the image by clicking on select. As you can see here, your image is almost all set to be replaced, make any final edits or even a link if you want to or if you simply want to replace the image.

Now, click on update, as you can see, your image is now replaced within the template in most traditional websites, the headline is considered one of the most important text elements of your web page because well it could be the very first thing that your visitors will see On your page, this can either be because the font is the biggest or the color is the most eye-catching or that it simply plays in a position that draws the most attention on this page.

I may consider the biggest text on the screen to be my headline, because to me that is the first thing that i see to make changes. Simply click on the element box itself. When you double click, the text will be selected, and here you will also see additional options that will come up on the menu that appears on the right side of the screen.

If you want, you can play with those options, but for us we are simply going to leave everything as is highlights the headline text and only make changes to that for our own promotional purposes, and just like that, you have now replaced the original text with your Own compelling headline within our templates, you may notice that there are logo placements on your page, sometimes more than one.

This is actually just an image the size of a logo, so you will make changes to it. The same way that you would any other image. It’s actually up to you whether or not you want to keep a logo on this page.

If you don’t by clicking on the logo image, you can choose to delete the image by clicking on this deletes icon to replace the logo with the image selected, which opens up your settings. Menu on the right, select, configure and click choose image.

You can now upload your own logo or, if you don’t have one you can consider to use the logo of the company that owns the products that you are promoting. I can then upload the image file like i would any other image select.

It and choose it as my logo replacement, remember, you will need to click on updates in order to successfully complete this process. As you can see, the logo is now replaced. Alternatively, if you don’t want the logo, you can always click on the logo image and select the trashcan icon.

We talked about to delete the image entirely confirm that you want to delete click on the button and the logo elements will be deleted. Sales copy on your website also plays a huge role in your conversions that’s.

Why, within our groove pages templates, we make sure to leave space in multiple areas, for you to write in your own sales copy in positions that are proven to be effective, you can always go back to your product’s main website for inspiration, or You can write compelling sales copy of your own to fill in this space.

Your sales copy is now edited and applied to your web page video marketing is a tremendously powerful method for both traffic and conversion. This is why, as marketing experts, we also make sure videos are integrated within groove pages and recommended to be used for your sites in this template.

As with many of the other templates as well, you will find a video placeholder that’s, designed for you to replace with your own video, to change this video click on the video element to reveal a menu on the right and click on configure.

You will now need to replace the youtube video id with the video id of the actual video that you want to play if you’re following along this tutorial to also promote group funnels, the good news is that we’ve got You covered go to promotional tools, select video reviews inside the description.

You will see a review demo video we have created that you can use to promote group funnels select the last part of the url everything after the equal sign is the video id so highlight and copy the id.

So you can paste it into groove pages back to groove pages paste in your copied, video id into the area. Labeled youtube video id make any changes to the settings if you want, such as the size of the video and the ability to enable autoplay.

Although for me, i’m just going to leave everything at default when you’re ready click on update your video is now updated. The call to action button is the eye-catching element on your page that entices visitors to click on it.

In order to take action on your offer, this template already includes one for you. Although a call to action button can easily be added within the design block section of the menu once your call to action button is added.

You can make changes to it by clicking on the elements which would open up a menu on the right side of the screen in the design tab. You can change the visual elements of your button, for example the text size, color alignment and other attributes that you can explore right here.

However, what we want to do right now is to click on configure, so we can actually set up what happens when someone clicks on your call to action button in this configure tab, you will first have the option to set what you want the button text to Say enter in your preferred call to action phrase, which would ideally be specific to the action that you want your visitors to take, and this text will appear on the button itself for link to this will tell the system what to do once.

Somebody actually clicks on the button. For example, you can choose from pop-up none meaning nothing will happen, page block or url. In our example, we want to take visitors to our group funnels affiliate link within your promotion tools, click on links and you’ll, find your affiliate links right here.

I will copy my affiliate link, then go back to groov pages and paste in the url in the appropriate section when you have done this. Click on update note that if you have multiple buttons on the page, you will want to repeat this process for all of them, so that visitors will be able to access your affiliate page, regardless of which button they click.

On the last thing you will need to edit, at least for this template would probably be similar as if you were using any other templates, and that would be the footer at the bottom of your page. Minor changes will need to be made in order to make your site more personalized to you, depending on what you had previously done with your logo, whether it’s, replacing it with your own or deleting it.

You will need to do the same thing right here, so for us, we want to make sure that we delete this logo. In addition, you also have the option to edit the text on the footer, replacing it with your own custom information or, if you just want to leave it, as is then no additional changes are necessary.

You can save your changes at any time by clicking on save when you have made all the changes you need and are ready for it to go, live click on, publish you now have the choice: to publish your site as a sub domain on groov pages, on Your own domain name or both for now we’re, going to set a groov pages, subdomain and publish a new page within that subdomain.

When we’re ready to go, live click on publish, and now we can see our new page in action. My internet builder, the world’s number one website. Creator, page designer and funnel builder, is now free for life.

An all-in-one sales system with free hosting sub domain and custom domain capability make money online with residual lifetime affiliate commissions without selling anything 10x. Your business with full website funnels integrated with advanced technology and even create your own affiliate program.

If you want private online community with the top marketers in the world to provide you with quality, support, regular online training and live streaming sessions, build anything you want with this free website funnel builder platform without any coding, programming or design skills, drag and drop copy and Paste click and scroll your way to creating professionally designed websites within minutes and even a free website.

Builder lesson with our compliments, as our special gift to you discover how to make websites for free, secure your free lifetime membership today and access your free website funnel builder and online cell system right now, free for a limited time only at myinternetbuilder.


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